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ESPEN-ENHA-MNI Joint Session "Optimal Nutritional Care for All": 7 September 2015, Lisbon

MNI is proud to have been able to contribute to the joint session entitled "Integrate nutritional therapy in clinical care for oncology patients" and is happy to provide a recording of the session . Click on the pictures to view the videos.

Interview of the joint session's speakers

The importance of integrating nutritional therapy in cancer treatment at an early stage


 MNI Networking Café - showcasing activities driving better care through better nutrition

The MNI Networking café projected a number of videos showcasing key initiatives to help drive better care through better nutrition. Click to view the videos

  • New studies on the cost savings and patient benefits delivered by ONS

This cartoon showcases the negative consequences of malnutrition and the cost-effective management with ONS.

MNI interviewed the speakers of the symposium at iHEA congress in July 2015 in Milan to share some of their key insights regarding the recently published "ONS systematic reviews"

  • Optimal Nutritional Care for All (ONCA) campaign in Turkey

As part of the  ONCA campaign, KEPAN (The Turkish Society of Clinical Enteral & Parenteral) and partners have produced a video to help raise publish awareness about malnutrition

Watch video

  • New ENFit enteral connectors and GEDSA Stay Connected initiative

New standards are changing enteral connector design to enhance patient safety when administering nutritional products. GEDSA members have launched a key initiative to introduce the connector

Watch video

MNI Networking Café – social media trainings

This year offered training sessions on the use of social media "How to make friends and influence in healthcare through social media?"

A digital expert presented several sessions during the coffee/lunch breaks:

  • What is the point of using social media?
  • A decade of digital disruption in healthcare
  • Your rules of engagement
  • How to make friends and ?influence people
  • How to avoid making a ? of social media
MNI Members
  • Abbott
  • Baxter
  • Braun
  • Fresenius Kabi
  • Nestlé HEalth Science
  • Nutricia
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