The term ‘malnutrition’ encompasses overweight and obesity as well as under-nutrition, but in line with common practice internationally, the term ‘malnutrition’ is used to refer to ‘under-nutrition’. The term ‘disease-related malnutrition’ (DRM) is also frequently used since most malnutrition arises due to the consequences of disease. (MNI ONS Dossier, 2012 edition) 

Malnutrition continues to impair the lives of thousands of people around the globe.  MNI’s key objective is to further the “Fight Against Malnutrition” through the conversion of nutrition research into standard clinical practice. MNI strives to increase awareness about the relevance of malnutrition, the implementation of routine screening in various settings, and the implementation of standards for nutritional care.

MNI makes every effort to support collaborations between healthcare professionals, dedicated societies, and regulatory authorities with the ultimate aim of improving the nutritional care and health of people in a variety of settings.

Malnutrition – another weight problem?

This short film – promoted jointly by MNI, EHNA and ESPEN - draws attention to the under-recognized problem of disease-related malnutrition arguing that it should feature higher on the public health agenda. The implications of malnutrition are highlighted, as well as the importance of screening.

The video shows that medical nutrition helps to fight malnutrition and can also lower use of healthcare resources and costs associated with managing patients with malnutrition.